Serbs are annoying like carbs. Or germs.

I surelly hope there is no god. It would be a problem to the gypsies.

I used to be against the bioindustry, but then I moved to France.

Falando sério, qual é a de Joanna Maranhao?

What kind of moron depends on Russia?

Global warning is just a subject.

Obama enjoys republican vaginas???

Cloro me lembra Auschwitz.

Children are dying in Africa.

Last time I went to Iran, I had sex. He died.

Under the water there is no such thing as Iran, Afghanistan or Wikipedia.

As if China knows what it's doing.

And then I found out he was a priest.

E Mussolini era jornalista.

Oil is not my problem.

I take a dip into middle east issues.

Democracy is dead.

Se sinto saudades de Benazir Bhutto? Preferia Benny Benassi.

I can get out of the pool. Israel can't.